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Monday, March 22, 2010

Where to hunt for a call center job?

Are you now decided to pursue the exciting life of a call center agent? Willing to work night shifts, on holidays? Ready to work at night and sleep during the day? Well, before you set a foot on the road, here is my list of most likely places to check to look for a call center job. Not really looking for a call center job? That’s fine. The list below might still help you.

1. Job fairs

Job fairs are very helpful to many newly graduates as well as to those who are simply looking for a new job. For graduating students and graduates, it makes available to them the opportunity to meet with recruiters of many different employers in the same day. And because employers joining job fairs are assessing applicants quickly based on appearances and communication skills, it is important that you look presentable and smart. You also should be confident from the very moment these recruiters set their eyes on you until you leave the job fair location. Remember, first impressions are important. If you don’t get hired that day, by leaving them good impressions, who knows, they might be calling you the next time before they set the road for another job fair.

How to look for job fairs? More often than not, in many colleges and universities, job fairs which sometimes come with job seminars are held weeks prior to the graduation day. You can also watch out for announcements in newspapers, TV ads, or in your local bulletin boards.

Tips before going to job fairs: Based on my experiences, you should bring with you other important papers or pre-employment documents, original (just in case you run out of photocopied ones) and their photocopies, if available such as NBI Clearance, Transcript of Records, Birth Certificate, and extra resumes. Small glues, scotch tape, extra pen or pencil, and a pair of scissors will also help in case of emergencies. Lastly, wear something neat and comfortable. Remember, you will be joining hundreds of hopefuls throughout the day. And don’t forget to eat your breakfast. You will surely need to have more energy to survive a job fair. Cheers!

2. Online recruitment service providers

It is now so common for jobseekers to look for a job online. It has many advantages like you don’t need to go out of the comfort of your home if you have a computer and online access at home. If you don’t, it is still cheaper because there are many computer rentals available almost everywhere. It will save you more money, energy, and time than doing the actual visits in different companies. It will also provide you the access to know more about the company and the job itself they are offering to applicants from online.

For the list of online recruitment service providers, just click here.

Tips for applying online: Do not apply for jobs online which you would decline later just in case you would be invited for job interviews simply because it is far or simply you don’t like the company. These recruiters are having your information filed in their records and for sure you don’t want to end up getting blocked. Again, first impressions, whether online or not, are important. Also try to use filters when looking for a job online. It will help you a lot in minimizing the available jobs which are accessible to you unless you are open to relocate.

3. Walk-in application

This method is very traditional in which a candidate applies directly to a call center’s recruitment site. For recruiting officers, it is more impressive for a candidate to apply in person because it shows confidence (that is if you don’t stutter and fidget when talking to someone, ok?) and it makes them feel that you are really interested to have a career in their company. Believe me that they appreciate the idea in which you wake up early, dress up properly, and spend time in travel to their office. Aside from this, it may also speed up your application. Many call centers do one-day hiring.

Where to look for call center companies? You can click here, look for call center jobs, and write down their contact information, or just keep reading the rest of this article for numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Tips for walk-in application: Always do your assignments. Do some research about the company, do some outlines and try to memorize them. Always be prepared. Wear proper attire matching the company’s preferences.

4. Employment agencies

There is no doubt that because the call center jobs are very popular nowadays, it has created another business opportunities like employment agencies where in an applicant is pre-assessed. The good thing about these agencies is that they also offer trainings and assistance for those near-hire applicants or those who have the potentials to become a call center agent. After you have passed their assessment, they would refer you to the actual hiring department of a call center. It is like they will match an applicant to a call center that will fit his capabilities. Like for example, the applicant can type fast, can spell well, but has average English speaking skill, he can be suitable for a directory assistance job where the call talk time usually lasts in less than a minute.

Where to look for call center employment agencies? Again, you can search online or you can enroll in TESDA.

Tips before you try employment agencies: Always check the background of the employment agencies. Remember they are business and some of them are taking advantage of people who want to have a job, especially in call centers. Check if there will be salary deductions whenever you got hired in a call center. If there is any, check with the terms like for how long it will take and how much will be the total amount. If you are fine with that, that’s your decision. But if you don’t like it, do something else.

5. Classified sections in newspapers

Another traditional method in looking for a job is by checking with classified ads in newspapers. More often than not, it provides you the contact information of the companies, the job descriptions, requirements for the job, and any other important details.

Where to look for classified ads? Buy newspapers, or you might borrow one. A week-old newspaper will still do. Just don’t forget to check with deadlines for job submission if there is any. However, current newspapers will still be a better option.

Tips for job hunting in classified ads: Sunday papers are more advisable because more often than not, more job openings and announcements are published on Sundays. For convenience, you can either make a list of jobs you like to apply or make a simple portfolio of them.

6. Bulletin boards at local employment centers

This method is a simpler version of classified ads found in newspapers. More often than not (hmmm, it seems like more-often-than-not is now becoming my new expression for this article, do you know how many times already I have mentioned these words here? Don’t bother, keep reading, laughs!), the job listings you can find in your local bulletin boards usually found in your local city hall or municipal hall are jobs within or near your area. These jobs will be more accessible and convenient for you to visit in person.

Where to find these bulletin boards? Usually in city halls, municipal halls, or sometimes along the way. Just be watchful.

Tips for job hunting in local bulletin boards: Bring pen and a notebook to write the details. Do it in the morning to avoid the herds of people who would get permits and other stuff. Plus, early birds catch the worms.

7. Employee referrals

Another method of getting a call center job is by getting referred by someone you know who is already working in call centers. Sometimes, when a candidate is applying for a call center job, they are also encouraged to write a list of people who they think have the potential to become a call center agent. If a friend from a call center has referred you, it is your advantage to ask that person about the company, the nature of the work and some tips for the interview and the whole hiring process.

Tips to get more referrals: Never change your numbers. If you have to, make sure you inform your friends and other important people you know of your new number. And be friendly.

8. Through friends

Aside from referrals as discussed in the previous number, you can also ask your friends if they can suggest a call center company in which you can apply for a position. They might know someone you don’t know who can help you. You can use networking sites online like Facebook and Friendster, or you can simply send them a text message. Let them know of your preferences.

Tips to get help from friends: Use any channels available to you like internet access, cellphones, etc. And again, be friendly.

You can either choose a combination of any of the listed methods above or better if you can take advantage of all of them. Always remember that in every application you pursue, make sure to learn something from it. Happy job hunting!

Sources: The Philippine Star and Wikipedia.

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