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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

With My In-Laws

Yesterday, or last night, marked my last day in Convergys. Finally I’m done with the clearance. I also have now my trophy with me at home after 7 hours standing there in elevator lobby to wait for people I know who might be able to help me. I feel so relieved and also sad at the same time knowing that I might not see my good friends from Convergys again, just like in Sykes. Anyway, I need to focus on 2012.

I spent the two-day clearance in Convergys and San Pedro. Psyche was so cute and showing serious signs of hyperactive personality. She wanted us to play catch-the-ball in the middle of the night! She was very talkative. And being there for one night, she thought I would be staying there for good with my little bag, laughs! So on Tuesday night, while I was waiting in Convergys to get my precious trophy, Mama sent me a text message about the two donuts Psyche received from a cousin. Psyche said that she would wait for me before she eats the donuts. She wanted to wait for me so to share it with me. I was deeply touched just like those in Hallmark moments. Psyche was so good at making people cry in a good way, if you know what I mean. And hey, for the records, I did not literally cry there in the elevator lobby, laughs! What I’m saying is I’m missing her, our family, the old times.

I don’t get to see them like we used to do before. I put my faith in God’s promise the He would bring my family back together in one house. Sometimes this makes me jealous of my wife her being with her family all the time. Gracia always tells me that if it’s the other way around, it’s not going to be a problem with her. That might be true. But it is still different when it’s happening. You know, it’s more than a statement. It’s a daily life for me.

Don’t get me wrong. Her family which is now my family, too, is great. Her mother is amazing and very sweet. Her sisters are awesome. Every one is wonderful, including their in-house cousin Arnel. Her Papa is also nice to me but it’s a bit awkward most of the time because he rarely talks. I could see the effort in the two of us but we always kind of fail to connect. Perhaps it is because he never had a son. Maybe it’s me who had a chain of father issues before. That’s going to be a long story to tell. What I am saying is that we want to get along as a family but it’s not easy, I just realized.

During my first months with them, I had this silent, or secret, competition with the other sons-in-law. No one was really competing. I think it’s more of manly pride? Can’t get the right thing to say. Let’s get down to the story.

Last Sunday Gracia and I spent almost the whole afternoon after church shopping for the Christmas gift for her co-employee for their company’s Christmas party this Saturday. I was really tired but I was kind of showing off, making her feel that I was a very supportive husband which was sincere act from me. After that, when we got home, I was like relaxing while reading a magazine. Just like any other woman, she wanted to fix everything before we went on relaxing. I was even joking at her that she was acting like a mother now, laughs!

Then she wanted me to pin those belt holders behind the door but I was kind of into the magazine’s interesting article. Before I knew it, her Papa was in our condo-type room doing the nailing. It was very embarrassing as if I was not a man enough to drill those nails into concrete walls. I tried to get the hammer from him but he was determined to finish it all by himself. I know that it was no big deal for him. But for me, I was kind of hurt and very embarrassed. I had a hard time getting over with it.

Then next day came in. I was cleaning our house as part of my house-husband role when Kiel, Gracia’s nephew, started knocking outside our window. Automatically I opened it for him and one of his little fingers got caught and in the next seconds, he was crying hysterically. Everyone was very concerned and that included me. I felt ‘Strike Two’ blinking over my head as Gracia’s father trying to comfort his grandson. I felt so exhausted that I spent hours sleeping until it was time for me to get ready for my trip to Convergys.

Now I am back here in San Pablo and I felt so blank, trusting God in everything. Tried reading Bible but it’s…I don’t know. I know I kind of need some help here but if someone asks what kind of help, I don’t know the answer.

But I’ll be fine. I know that because I always will, by the grace of God.

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