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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Eleven Funny People At Sykes

I am still here at Sykes, in the Break Room, we are waiting for 5:01PM to finally log out. We are done with the exams, I got 53 out of 60 items. I got 90% in Mock Calls. My area of improvement is all about confidence. Arg, can't stay focused when I get so nervous! But all in all, everything is fine.

I have eleven crazy, funny people in the training. It is so much fun to be with them. We are so happy for Mine and Jaypee, they both got a perfect score in the Mock Calls.

Lohan is so funny. She is also from Calamba. She always gets lost into her own world. Sometimes she even forgets she is with us, and she worries a lot. And she is a very nice person. We hardly controlled ourselves from laughing yesterday when she was trying to make us guessed "Saving Private Ryan" in Charade. She is so funny! Everytime we remember about it, we can't help but laugh again.

Cherie is nice, too. She always has an interesting lunch with her everyday. And she is a Christian, too. Actually she is a Baptist from Mindanao.

Celica is quiet most of the time in the class. But once you get to know her, she laughs a lot. She is nice, too.

Karla is a little naughty. She is very talented, she is actually an artist. She looks like a kid the first time we saw her. But she is definitely nice, too. You better check out her interesting multiply account. (Click Here)

We love Mine. She is very talkative and she loves her seven cats so much. When she talks, she becomes so lively and...you could see her emotions on her face. She is so funny.

Jeric is from Tanauan. He is a big guy. The first time I saw him was in Friendly Care during the Medical. He likes watching movies a lot, that's why we always win in Charade. He is nice and we have quite the same family story.

The first time I saw Jaypee was during the J.O. at OSMA. He was with Mine that day. I don't have much to say about him because we don't have yet a real conversation with each other. The only thing I can say here is that he likes teasing Cherie a lot, hehehehe...

Sammy, I thought it was only his nickname but it was actually his legal name, is quiet and nice, too. He has a DJ-like voice. He is also from InfoNXX. It is so weird because we both started working at InfoNXX in September last year, however, we both didn't see each other before. Interesting thing about him is that he is a half-Thai because his mother is a Thai. We discovered this when we saw his ID form, there was written the interesting name of his mother.

Gio is one of the two most confident people in the class. (The other one is Kris). He always participates in the class. He has a very interesting fashion sense. I don't know much about him because we rarely talk to each other. But he is nice, too. Oops, he has a british (or is it brittish? How do you spell that?) accent, which reminds me of Macky.

You could never ignore Kris whenever she is in the room. She is so talkative and funny, too. She is a young mother and wife. Still, I find her a little bit childish which I think cute thing about her. Interesting fact about her is that she will be part of, or one of the characters in the third issue of Carpool which will be released later this year. Have to buy one, though.

Rona, or Ron, is also a young mother and wife. She is nice and fun to be with. Hmmm, what else to say...she laughs a lot, (can't tell here why, though). She has funny stories and comments, too.

I know there is so much more to know from these people. Last Saturday, I received a call from Teletech-Sta.Rosa. They were asking me if I was done already with my Medical with them. I was like, uh-uh, as if they told me about this after my application with them. I don't know. Mama was telling me to take their offer instead because it is nearer compared to Sykes. But I am very satisfied with the people I am with now. I believe that is an important factor to consider in this whole new life. I had been waiting for this chance and now that I have this, and enjoying all this, I don't think I could afford to lose it. I am happy and I know, I'll be happier as days go by. I hope we will be staying together for a longer time that God would let us have.


About the eightmiles, I don't know. Something is going on that I don't know yet. Gracia is a bit weird. Arg, don't know why. Tomorrow is supposedly a big day for all of us. Thing is, arg, I don't know. Can't find the words to say.

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