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Friday, January 30, 2009

True Friends Say The Truth

Fernand Yim: There, there is no need for me to panic.

Jasmin: The who?

Fernand Yim: I was checking my balance at BPI and there was an error message. I went to McDonald's to check my balance at the BDO's ATM Machine inside it and there was the same error message. It was telling me to contact the bank A.S.A.P. I thougt my card has expired already. Arg, that was close to dying, the feeling, I mean.

Jasmin: No, it is just that there might be no money available in those machines.

Fernand Yim: That's right. Everyone was telling me that.

Jasmin: You're stupid.

Fernand Yim: I am stupid? Are you sure...you are my friend?

Jasmin: I am. Real friends always tell the truth.

Fernand Yim: Oh, I see. You are my real friend so that you are telling me...I am stupid?

Jasmin: Yes.

Fernand Yim: Wow, that was...sweet. Arg!

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