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Sunday, March 29, 2009

And As They Have Said

By Jasmin

1. Jasmin just shared a bit of her secret past. Trish said Jasmin sounded bitter.

“I am bitter but I’ll be better.”

2. Fernand Yim just received a five-minute Aux8 and was a bit upset for a very short break.

“It is better to have something than to have nothing at all.”

3. While waiting for a call.

“Fernand Yim is not handsome. He is awesome!”

By Elve Jane

1. Elve Jane was on mute while servicing a call with a rude customer.

“Get some education, sir.”

2. A caller said that Elve Jane was just reading a script that she did not know what she was saying.

“No, ma’am. It’s coming from the top of my head!”

3. Elve Jane was explaining to the caller why the payment was considered late even if it was made online on the due date.

Elve Jane: Ma’am, you missed the cut-off time online which is 3pm EST. That is why it was considered late.

Caller: How could that be? You’re not telling your customers about the cut-off time so that we’ll be late when we make our payments!

Elve Jane: Ma’am, the posting timeframe is made available online as you make the payment.

Caller: What if I don’t have a computer, how would I know?

Elve Jane: Logic tells us both that you wouldn’t be able to make that payment online if you don’t have a computer.

Caller: (Embarrassed)

By Fernand Yim

1. Fernand Yim was asking Aux8 (The instant break) from Ms. Shee.

“It’s okay you don’t give me an Aux8. But if you insist, who am I to resist?”

2. Jasmin was explaining why she asked too many questions during the Team Meeting to one of the newbies. Jasmin said she was just interacting.

“You did not interact, you did interrupt.”

3. Fernand Yim was being teased by almost everyone in a Team Meeting.

“Can I just walk out?”

4. Everyone asked why Fernand Yim did color his hair.

“It’s allergy. I ate something really bad.”

5. Elve Jane was finding Fernand Yim a little weird, too lively on an ordinary shift.

“I think it’s the hair’s new color.”

6. Fernand Yim was talking to a Chinese caller.

Fernand Yim: When is your date of birth?

Chinese Caller: What?

Fernand Yim: May I know your date of birth?

Chinese Caller: What?

Fernand Yim: Your date of birth? The day you were born?

Chinese Caller: Did you say I’m boring?

Fernand Yim: Err! (On mute Button) (I didn’t know how to talk to him. Err.)

7. Fernand Yim was a bit sleepy while servicing a call. The caller was asking for a breakdown of all the recent charges on her account.

“There was a charge…ano ‘to?”

8. Fernand Yim was asked by the caller if it was okay to put him on hold for a minute.

Sige, go ahead.”

9. Fernand Yim was having a debate with one of the newbies, Christy, on the floor until he ran out of words.

“Ms. Shee, can you just terminate her?”

Callers for Fernand Yim

1. “If all people in the world are like you, it will be a better world.”

2. “You know what, (between sobs) when my friends ask me what’s in my wallet, I’m going to tell them it’s Capital One.”

By Ms. Shee

1. Ms. Shee received a transferred call from Alex.

Ms. Shee: Hello?

American Caller: Hi!

Ms. Shee: Hi! Sino ‘to?


New CSR: May I have your date of birth?

Caller: What?

New CSR: Please verify your date of birth?

Caller: What? I can’t understand you.

New CSR: May I know when you were born?

Caller: I can’t really understand you.

New CSR: (Pondered for some seconds) Sir, I need to know your date of birth. You know, like…Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you… (The new CSR did sing for the customer. Laughs! )

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