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Monday, March 29, 2010

3. Just Got A Job

“How do you see yourself after five years?”

The interviewer in impressive casual suit asks me. I am a writer and I know the answer to that question. They are not really interested to know my goals in life but they want to know if I am planning to stay with them for the next five years of my life.

In my head I want to shout, I want to be the first placer for Elite Writing! But instead I hear myself say, “Will there be vacancy in your position by then?” He laughs at my reply as he slightly taps my hand on the table, while I give it just a simple smile. Bading ata ‘to, eh.

“Well, we would be expecting you tomorrow for the newest batch orientation. You’re the last person to get included in the team, you know.”

See, everything in this world is about writing a good script and of course, you need to learn to act them well. I look at him in the eye as if asking something but can’t say a word.

“Yes, you just got yourself a job. Congratulations!” He says happily. The last word he said has betrayed him. Its pitch is too high for a straight man. It seems to me that he is happier than I am. But then again, I continue my acting self.

“Wow. Thank you!”

“You’re very welcome. Just don’t hesitate to invite me in your team’s first night out.”

“Sure, why not.” I say. Err, asa ka pa.

“Mr. Park?” He calls out as I turn for the door.

“Yes?” I ask in confusion.

“I like your pants. Good cut. Your front looks really impressive.”

Don’t say one more word or I will kill you. “Thank you.”

I quickly reach for the door before he can say another word to me.

Wow. I now have a job. I still don’t understand what made Joey, my best friend, think to do all this. I know he is worried about me after I ended up only as a second placer in Elite Writing yesterday. He has his own style of cheering me up. He knows that I need to do something else to move on from a defeat. He also knows that I need to earn money before the next pile of bills hits my door.

Life is really full of surprises. Who would know that by next week, I will be working in the same call center company where Joey works as a supervisor for a financial account? It must be exciting.

My cellphone vibrates. As I look at it, there is a message from Joey.

Libre mo ‘ko mamya.” It says.


I send a reply. “Who you?”


  1. yehey!!! libre libre..looks like good things are happening for you bro.. im happy for you..hahaha..ingat ka dun sa naginterview sau..yehey..aus yan...


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