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Monday, March 29, 2010

2. Moving On

The green wall clock ticks 11:30AM. I know it is almost lunch and I am still lying on my bed. Actually I haven’t slept yet. I couldn’t sleep. Dreamland might have stuck in someone else’s head that it didn’t visit me last night.

Wow. I couldn’t still understand what on earth had made that Luis, that loser from high school, got the first place in short-writing contest sponsored by Elite Writing, the famous magazine for writers in the country, yesterday. I had been waiting for that event in months, help me please!

It is really hard to believe that Luis could write something like that. Being the second-placer is not that bad. What a relief, you might say. But the magazine people were only after the first place! And that contest happens only once in five years! Who can wait that long? It was the break I was waiting for the past five years of my life!

“Who can wait that long?”

“Not me.”

I turn to the door and find Joey, my best friend.

“What are you doing there?” I ask.

Joey picks one of the magazines piled so neatly on the little table right next to my room’s door. I hate it when he starts conversation in silence. If people have something to say, why they don’t say it right away? Why waste time in making others to guess.

“Joey, believe me when I say I am not in mood today to play your silence. Spill it. What is it that you come here so early today?”

“I got a job for you.” He says while flipping pages of FHM.

I am speechless for a moment, thinking of what to say.

“Not yet a job, unless you get hired, of course. Interview at 2PM. Here’s the address.” He puts a post-it on the table. Then before I knew it, he is gone.

“Wait!” But he is nowhere to find outside my small apartment. “Yung FHM ko. Di ko pa nababasa yun, eh.”

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