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Monday, March 29, 2010

Call Center Interview Questions and Tips (Part Two)

There were few occasions that I heard some people say not-so-good remarks about jobs in call centers, or being a call center agent. Some say it is a job for lazy people. There was even a group of people saying that you don’t have to be smart to get a job in call centers. Some even say that as long as you speak English, you can get the job. With all respect for these people, what they say is not true. Not only that it hurts to get branded as lazy and idiot here just because we work in call centers but because of a long list of positive qualities call center agents possess.

This industry needs people who can work independently and yet, can follow rules. And should I say this should be done under pressure? There are so many misconceptions about people who work in call centers and I am raising the banner to defend the Team Call Center, laughs! I have a feeling I am becoming emotional here and getting sidetracked from the topic we have for this second part of Call Center Interview Questions and Tips series for Team Call Center. Well, I must be writing a separate article focusing on this hot topic anytime soon, how’s that?

Anyway, idiocy and laziness have no room for the following list of questions being asked by recruiters to know the right person to man a call center job. It is because the focus of the list below is the candidate’s problem-solving and analytical skills which are indeed very important to be hired.

1. What major problem have you had to deal with recently?

The word ‘major’ in this question suggests for something not really so complicated but would at least make them think that you can work in a tough work environment. The answer is solely depending on experiences you had in life. Whatever answer you might have will certainly make an impact; however, the supporting details, more often than not, will influence the final score for this question.

One more thing, though. Please try to avoid giving too personal and emotional answers like issues about family, relationships, divorce, deaths, etc. The moment you say something like this (with tearful eyes, oh please), the recruiter will make a note on your application paper that you are an emotional type. Call centers are like a modern version of a jungle. It is the survival of the fittest. Emotional ones will not last.

2. Are you willing to do overtime work?

Say yes. They just want to know your willingness to have the job. Support this with situations you had to work overtime. This should not be a problem for people who had previous work experience but for graduating students or graduates, you can boast your big school projects like writing theses and research papers.

3. Was there a time when you were expected to learn several new things in your job or at school?

For competitive answers, give at least two major situations and tell how you coped with these changes. In call centers, anything can happen. Things can change overnight. This question wants to know your flexibility at work and your attitude against changes.

4. Would you rather work with information or with people?

This is another question to know your flexibility and attitude against unexpected things at work. Don’t go only for information or for people alone. In call centers, you should be able to work either with information or people. Truth is, this job is about information and people. So information and people are two inseparable items in call centers.

5. Do you enjoy doing independent research?

Again, the answer should be yes. This question not only wants to know your capability of doing a research work but it also wants to know your attitude, your feelings at work. Therefore, you should not only provide details of your previous experience, whether a research work in nature or research-related activity, but also the way you felt in the whole process of that particular project. The happy feelings you felt throughout the course of this certain experience should reflect in your choice of words, the way you say them, and more importantly, it should reflect on your face.

6. What changes would you make at your college or at your previous job?

It is another tricky question. Be careful with every word you say about your college or your previous job. Don’t say anything negative or too negative for it is as if you are badmouthing your college or former job. You can use positive scripting or choose positive words in delivering your answer. This question tests your creativity and sense of observation. They want to know what more you can contribute in the company in case they decide to hire you for the position. It is also one way of knowing the level of your dedication or involvement in your job.

7. How much training do you think you’ll need to become a productive employee?

It is another challenging question. Don’t say you don’t need further training just to sound smart. You can say that you would still need to have the product and system-related trainings provided by the company which should be enough to prepare you to the actual job on the floor. Call centers provide these language and product/technical trainings prior to sending new hired agents to the production floor.

There is still more to this list on my future postings. See what I mean when I say, this must be the most challenging series I have for Team Call Center? Laughs! I hope that these lists are helping you somehow in preparing your answers for the full range of interview questions you might be asked during the interview. Bye for now. Smiles.


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