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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Things That We Do In Call Centers To Spice Up Our Busy, Or Sometimes Not That Busy, Working Lives!

1. We chat. That's right. Even if we already have a call. Assisting a caller doesn't stop us from chatting next to our seatmate. That is what the mute button is for.

2. We eat. Yes, it is okay to eat on the floor as long as the food doesn't smell. From this habit, you will notice that there are two groups of call center agents. Those who keep gaining weight as the volume of calls increase. And they don't care. Anyway foods, or eating, are very effective reliever of stress. The other group is those who live in the gyms. I don't think there is a need for me to explain that further.

3. We play cards. When I was still with Teletech in Lipa, while taking calls we were playing cards. It was fun. So much fun. Of course, that was when the gods were not on the floor.

4. We draw. We draw whatever we feel like drawing as long as there is a clean sheet of paper and pencil handy from Boss Ivor's drawer. When he reads this, he might stop wondering why his pencils are missing.

5. We call each other using the Avaya, the call center phone. Of course that is not allowed which makes it more exciting.

6. We do coloring. Some of the agents bring coloring books and they color them, of course, with crayons.

7. We drink. That's right. We, or I, bring flavored Vodka on the floor inside my spill-proof mug. That is not allowed which makes it very exciting. The thrill that you might lose your job any moment, that was priceless. If you got caught, from priceless, you become jobless. Err.

8. Talking about other people lives. They, not me, love to talk about who flirts with who, who hates who, who likes who, and all of those who-verb-who's.

9. We flirt. There are so many good-looking people in call centers. So many of us, err, of them. Hey, it is my blog so let us say 'of us', OK? Laughs! So there, you will see him dating her today, then by tomorrow he is dating another her, or a him. Err.

10. We do fashion shows. There are so many call center agents who are so good when it comes to fashion. There are so many beautiful people that to some point, you feel like you are one of them. Really. Some are totally outrageous, like you can't explain what they are trying to express. What era they have come from. Like, oh look, Goku comes alive! How about Piccolo? Err. Name it, we have it.

11. We are one-day millionaire. We earn a lot and spend a lot. That explains it. Many say, I'll start saving money next payday. Two years have passed by, we are still saying that.

12. We do the dirty things. They do the dirty things. I just watch. Laughs!

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