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Friday, March 4, 2011

Applying For QA Apprentice!

After the Strong series in our local church for the whole month of February, by the way it was our second year whole month celebration; the Book of Joshua is now one of my favorite books in the Bible. It is so inspiring and so exciting that it revealed so much of God to me. My favorite part was the most ambitious prayer of Joshua praying for God to stop the rotation of the whole earth for one whole day! Was that amazing? And for the last week of February, I was praying my long shot prayers to Father God, smiles. For now, I keep those prayers to myself and to my Christian brothers.

Also I finally re-joined a Victory group in the church. I used to say before that I still had no time and would be very much interested to join one in the future once my schedule permits me. But then and again, I felt like God was telling me that there was no such thing as No Time. I wondered, what if God said He has no time for me, how about that? I don’t know about you but that was a very dreadful thought.
And you know what? It was great that I finally had my Victory group. I was with Jae Em, Bong, and Red last Sunday. It was fun and easy and you know that familiar feeling that you are so at ease and God’s presence is with you. That one was amazing.

Then when I went to work, I felt so relaxed and so inspired. In the first hour of the shift, TL May post the invite for the application for QA Apprentice in the team chat room. This was the same position Gay and Jeh applied before and were hired. Being a QA Apprentice means no income increase but more time of staying in the office for some…QA tasks. But the cool thing there is that you get handy with what’s going on in the heart of Customer Service. And also I feel like I wanted to do more. I am happy with taking calls, err, I can’t believe I could now say this, laughs! Truth is, it is the people I am working with that makes the huge difference. Everyone wants you to achieve your career goals. Unlike with…never mind, laughs!

So after asking Father God in prayers if I would try and, ehem, I then told TL May that I am interested. I felt relieved that I finally got the right courage to say it and at the same time, I felt so pressured and could not help it but worry too much with a lot of what-ifs. But TL May assured me that whatever happens, she will still accept me, laughs!

Then yesterday I stayed in the office for a couple more hours asking Gay and Jeh to orient me with some things I should be prepared about. I think they were very fair not to tell me about the whole process but they gave me tips on how to stay cool in the interview. After that, I tagged myself along with Gay and Khai , didn’t know Khai drives, in Khai’s car and they planned to drop me in Pacita thinking that I could save money with that idea (then finding out later that it would actually cost me more, laughs!).

Gay Espanto
I was not sure if it was because Khai was five-month pregnant that the two decided to stop in Greenwich in Gas station in South Expressway. I was so worried for I was not ready that I dod not have extra money for it and did not have my debit card. But then, like a true blessing, Gay paid for my meal! Yehey!

Khai with her husband
I enjoyed the food and the conversation. Well, Khai just told me that the other applicants are very good. That made me a little more upset but I was holding on tight in my faith. Let the will of God in my life be done.

And we had to go for later that day, Gracia and I would meet. And that was another story. 

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