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Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Mr. Discipline

"I live not believing in perfection, cause with that I continue to strive for it." - Jeremy Castro

My shoes looked dirty. Even though I had washed them three times already before I went to Convergys on the first day of training - the very first day of my Convergys life.

Yes, I was nervous but I felt like more excited than nervous. After all, it is Convergys. I am now a Convergys guy. I still love Teletech and Sykes. But this is Convergys.

I tried convincing myself that my shoes just looked fine. They might look dirty and all that but that's how I liked them to be. Didn't want them to be over-cleaned, you know what I am saying. They were just fine to me.

Then someone wearing a pair of all shiny classic leather shoes walked in the lobby of Convergys 1, joining me and the rest of the new wave trainees that day. The guy had every strand of his hair in right places. He looked smart and aristocratic. He looked so clean and neat. So unlike me that my dirty shoes got easily intimidated. I took my body-bag off my lap to put it down and to cover my, ehem, then shying shoes!

"Rich kid." I whispered to myself. "Looks like call center virgin. Hope he survives the call center jungle." I added as if having real conversation with someone.

Days later, I learned his name is Jeremy Lowell Castro. Err, even his name sounds elite. So that was my first impression of Jeremy or Jeh as we fond of calling him. He is now the pride of our wave, the Wave 20a, and of Team May.

I never met someone who doesn't only live discipline but breathes it until I met Jeh. He made me realize how un-disciplined I was (Or am?). Many times I wish I could be a bit like him. For someone who just graduated from college, no working experience, and in a matter of nine months, he has now been promoted as...err, can't remember the exact position he is now holding. It levels to manager, something like that. His direct boss in from US. Writing this here makes me remember the Greenwich commercial, laughs! He is very inspiring. He is not only a big dreamer. He is also a big achiever.

Here is more of our conversation.

Fernand Yim: What were your stats?
Jeremy Castro: For LH, which I think is the most important stat, 0.00%. For QA.. Before I went to ABAY, I got a 100, and then I got a 95, but TL May disputed it cause of the markdown for repeat call indicator, they tried to listen to that call again, then they gave me a 100. That made my average a 100.

FY: What you like about your work as an agent, as ABAY, and now with your new job?

JC: As an agent, I had fun taking in calls cause it developed my communication skills.

As an ABAY coach, I had a great time supporting, developing, coaching the transition agents.

As for my new job, I know eventually I'll find a way to enjoy it.

FY: What do you like about Convergys?

JC: The way they take care of their employees. They know how to develop, they know whats best for their employees.

FY: Why did you apply in Convergys?

JC: I remember, it was a week after my graduation, I was cleaning our car.. It came to my mind that, "Hey, I'm a college graduate already, why am I still cleaning our car? I need to be productive." That day, I went in front of our computer, typed in Jobsdb.com, sent my resume to all of the good companies. Then on that same day, someone from Convergys called, then he told me to bring my resume, ID's, etc, so that on the next day I can apply already. That's what happened, and it was all because I didn't want to be stuck at home doing chores.

FY: Who is the most influential person in your life now who contributed in your success?

JC: My Mom. (Very safe answer there, smiles)

FY: And I didn't give up so I asked this, 'What inspires you?'

JC: The fact that everyday, there's a possibility that something great and amazing can happen if you just give everything you've got. It's the way life gives back.(Err, another safe answer.)

FY: What do you do if you're out of work?

JC: Out of work, meaning out of shift? Stay in the office. :D I spend my time with my family. I try to relax by eating out. Watch a movie. Play computer games. Exercise with my trusted jump rope. Go to church.

FY: Who is Jeremy Castro on normal days?

JC: A son, A friend, A lover.(A lover...hmmm...smiles)

FY: Any future plans or goals? Any dreams? Wild or weird dream which could be so-not-Jeremy?

JC: I want to reach the highest possible position in our company.
I often dream about flying.
I want to be a Rockstar. :)
(I could relate with becoming a rockstar. and I also dream of flying, many times!)

FY: Are you still counting your calories?

JC:  I don't have time to count them anymore. But I make sure that every week I still have time to work out, even for just 30minutes.

FY: Any hobbies?

JC:  I play computer games, currently I enjoy playing NBA 2k11. I work out. I draw. If eating and daydreaming is a hobby, you can count those in. (Err, didn't even know what was that...smiles)

FY: Anything we don't know yet about you which you may want to share with us now?

JC:  There are a lot of things even my mom don't know about me. :)

FY: Who and what do you miss in Team May?

I miss Team Meetings, Post shift huddle, QC reminders, Coaching, Training Offline, Team Building, Monthly Awards. I miss Nikka's questions, I miss Dan and Nan's jokes, I miss Saundra and Ellen's stories, I miss Arjie's put-customer-on-mute-just-to-say-mr/ms customer-its-your-fault-thing, I miss Laine's rapport, I miss Mina's craziness, I miss my QA partner Gay, I miss Danix and Kat's pcs. I miss TL May. I miss everyone.

FY: Any advice to those (like me) who want to follow your success?

JC:  Keep your LH at 0.00%.

Stick with the rules.

Be humble.

Keep your words soft and sweet just in case you'll have to eat them.

Success seems to be a matter of HANGING ON after others have let go.

ORA et LABORA ( Prayer and Work )

Do your best and God will do the rest.

FY: Anything you want to say?
JC: Team Building? :) I love you guys! Take care! :) 
 Good job, Jeh! Keep up the good work! Five Star for you!
 LH means Lost Hours counting absences and tardiness.
QA means the quality score.
ABAY stands for Academy Bay which is about assisting and preparing the trainees from training to the actual job.

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