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Friday, March 11, 2011

Was Forced To Laugh At A Joke

For the past couple of days, I think I have to say it here, I was, and still am, struggling to find something to write about. And the harder I try, the worse it gets. So I decided to calm down and try my best not to get bitten by the stress bug. So I just let it flow and see what we'll get by the end of this post. No rules. No Grammar Laws. Smiles.

First thing came in my mind was this old man who called about his problematic cellphone. I was in the process of getting into the system finding the cause why he could not use his brand new phone. And because we were encouraged to avoid putting customer on hold for it affects our stat for availability, what I do is I tell customers that I need to work in silence. That if they have questions, they can feel free to ask their questions. 

Now this customer was kind of funny, I think that would be the right word to describe him. He said he had no questions but he had a joke for me. I was like, okay..? So I continued troubleshooting his phone as he continued his joking session with me. So I was half-listening to him. But his joke was, well funny? I think. He said something like this:

There was a very old man who could not pee. This very old man went to see his urologist. The urologist asked him what was the problem. The very old man said, "Doc, I could not pee." Then the doctor asked him, "How old are you?" Then the very old patient answered, "I'm 92." And the doctor said, "Oh I see. Well, you have peed enough!"

Then my joker/caller laughed as if he had told me the funniest joke ever created in the history of mankind. So I forced a laugh there. Well, somehow it was a sincere laugh because I thought that was funny, right? Was that funny? What do you think?

Feel free to leave a comment if you find this joke funny. Well, I don't think I'll get comments from this post but who knows? He-he. Hope to hear from you. :)

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