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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updates And...

This day was quite…I don’t know…tiring? I was trying to keep up the positive attitude but it was really a bit…too much?

One of my team-mates got 1.5 survey score (We have survey every after each call where customer can score as 5 being the highest and 1 as the lowest score) and it did pull down the day performance of the site and of course, of the team. This guy is my friend and it was really unbelievable that it was coming from him. He is one of the best guys on the floor and this 1.5 survey score would not change that. I think we all need sometimes to encounter situations like this so to learn and therefore, to grow. But of course, it will be better if we learn without getting bad experience.

TL May was a bit scary, well, she was really scary and I remembered that day when I got my 2.0 survey score last year. She was very competitive and like what she always said, she is her real person. She is what she is. She lets you see her best and at the same time her worst if appropriate. But I like her as she is. She  is very strong and when you make mistakes, she will make sure that you will learn from it. That shapes my character and it did help me realize what I could do and that inspires me so much.

For my friend who got 1.5, he is still one of our assets. Again, a lesson was learned. In fact, everyone did learn from it.

Per the positivity, I know God will bless the team and the site with more perfect surveys and there will be no more non-five surveys. Looking forward to the end of the month.

And, hey, I forgot to tell you that yesterday was my interview finally for my application for QA Apprentice post. That was so scary! I could not relax. I was wishing to get over it as soon as possible. Well, the lady whose name was Zaida, she interviewed me, she was very nice. The presence of Ms. Jo, the QA manager, was adding to my nervousness. I hope it did not show at all.

The interview was kind of short and I was not able to get a chance to tell my winning line! And that is…laughs! No way am I gonna say that here. I’ll keep it for the next interview! Naks! Assuming! Laughs!
I also want to thank all the people praying for me. I really appreciate you all. I am so pleased and blessed that my Christian friends and families are all praying for me.  I wanna say the whole church is praying for me! Well, I pray that the will of Father God be done in this phase of my life.

Arg, so much I am thinking lately. But I know it will get better not soon…but NOW. 

P.S. Nikka is coming back next week. Also next week is our team building.

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  1. goodluck s application...
    ..i hope ur still here..haaayyy...i feel so down lately..halo halo n..haaayyy...



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