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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meet Ms. Beautiful Smile

“Nan, please do something admirable…” For the nth time I heard Saundra asking me to join that blood donation project of EEC or Employee Engagement Champions in Convergys. And again, I told her that as much I wanted to share my Class A blood, laughs, I could not do so because I tried it before to help a friend of a friend in our church. However, a couple of medical technicians from Asian Hospital told me after dissecting and damaging my, ehem, delicate nerves in both arms that the needle they had for blood transfusion was too big for my veins. Err, I was like about to pass out making myself believe that I was brave enough to conquer my fear of…needles. But hey, the needle they had there was not just simple needle. They had NEEDLE! If they were comparing injections with Ant’s bite, wow, that must be a huge ant they were referring to! And there was Saundra, and Lorie, reminding me of my supposedly forgotten past, laughs!

But Saundra has this special talent that when she gives you her ever-beautiful smile, it is as if there is no other way but to say YES. Well, that didn’t work for me after flashing the memory of that giant needle.

And yes, we have Saundra Joy B. Villaester in the house as the second featured agent from Team May. When you enter a room, no way you will miss the smile of Saundra. She is always smiling. She easily gets my joke. Laughs! She is one of the best people on the floor. And here is the funny conversation I had with Saundra a.k.a. Sandra Parker.

Ms. Beautiful smile
Wow. Kelangan ba talaga ‘to? haha.. Naku, wala akong matinong masasagot. Ha-ha. (Do I really need to do this? Laughs! Err, I don’t think I could give you good answers. Laughs!)

Fernand Yim: Please tell something about yourself? (Interview? He-he)

Saundra Joy B. Villaester: I'm tall, dark, and handsome. Yuck, lalake . Ha-ha. Peace, Nan. Typical girl, sensitive and seryoso ako kausap. Kung gusto mo tumawa, hindi ako ang tamang tao. Ha-ha. But I always smile. Mababaw kaligayahan ko pero mababaw din luha ko :)

Additional info na baka makatulong sayo, haha:

I love singing so much. I'm a choir member since elementary until college. I like flowers (especially yellow ones--fave color is yellow). My fave food is sinigang. I love chocolates. I play guitar and a bit of keyboards. I love reading novels. Roman Catholic. I love Sudoku. I love to sleep. Slam book? Ha-ha.

Aside from being a great singer, she also plays the guitar next to...trash?
F.Y.: Why did you apply in Convergys?

S.J.V.: I actually applied as an HR Associate in Convergys Sta. Rosa. I did apply because I wanted to pursue my career in human resources in a well-known company. I was interviewed but I never got a call after. Then I have this friend who is really into call centers and applied in Convergys Alabang. It was her final interview after a week of training. She told me stories about how fun the English training was and asked me to come with her on her final interview that day. And so I tried my luck, since I never got a call for an HR post from Sta. Rosa, maybe I could start as an agent. I went with her as a walk-in applicant and passed my always-ready-resume. This is my after college life's second job interview (1st in CVG Sta. Rosa, ha-ha), and right there and then, they processed my application and the next day I signed the job offer. It was really a very quick decision, because I never thought of applying as call center agent. But after all, as long as I'm part of Convergys, whatever post, I’m in good hands :)

F.Y.: What do you like and hate about your job? Can you tell more of your job?

S.J.V.: Aside from loving my graveyard shift (because I wanted to get a fair skin, ha-ha), I like the feeling of being of help to other people. It's like fixing their lives. I love showing I care to the customers (this is true) and hearing them say they appreciate what I did. So every call for me is like saving their lives. But the worst part of course is that you did everything yet it's still a sup call. HAHA! No, seriously, what I hate is being a shock-absorber or a yelling-couch of the customers, oh well, we all do.

F.Y.: Aside from taking calls, what else do you do in Convergys? Can you tell more about EEC?

S.J.V.: Teasing Lorie is my hobby in CVG. Ha-ha. I'm also part of the EEC or Employee Engagement Champions. We help the management to plan and execute activities for employees. I joined not merely to enjoy while I work, but to make our employees enjoy their work and stay with us.

Can try do some cover up but that smile will shine.
F.Y.: On your rest days, where can we usually find you? And what are you doing?

S.J.V.: At our home, John's home, friend's home and God's home :)

F.Y.: On a regular day, who is Sandra Parker?

S.J.V.: Saundra Villaester-- daughter, a friend, a lover (I think I know whose line is this, ha-ha)

F.Y.: Why Sandra Parker?

S.J.V.: Apart from Sandra Parker sounding really nice for me, I really love Spiderman movies (Great power comes with great responsibility). And to top it all, to combine it with Fernand King… ParKing, ha-ha. Saundra would cost me a lot of time to spell for others :)

F.Y.: Aside from John, who is your other crush we don’t know yet?

S.J.V.: He-he, Uhmm... Let’s keep it like the way you don't know it. Ha-ha. I don't have any other crushes. John is the only one who makes me love my work more every day. Ha-ha!

F.Y.: Any career goals?

S.J.V.: To be part of the Human Resources team in God's time.

F.Y.: What do you do best?

S.J.V.: I always do my best in everything I do. Ha-ha.

F.Y.: Any weird talents?

S.J.V.: I have seconds-before-it-happen premonition.

F.Y.: Any funny experience/s in call center? Off and on the phone.

S.J.V.: Off phone, when Ellen and I were talking to Jeh in our vernacular, he thought his Avaya was on mute and so the caller asked "What language is that?!" ha-ha!

F.Y.: Any advice to those who are considering call center jobs?

S.J.V.: If you are planning to apply and work as agents, take a dose of anesthetics, so you won't feel the pain. Ha-ha.

F.Y.: If you did not apply in Convergys, where do you think you are right now?

S.J.V.: At home. Chos! Ha-ha. ABS-CBN's Training Coordinator or Meralco's Human Resources, or a business woman.

F.Y.: Any far-out dreams?

S.J.V.: To be the America's Next Top Model. Ha-ha! Far-out, right? Ha-ha. I actually wanted to own and manage a five-star hotel.

F.Y.: Why do you think you were hired?

S.J.V.: He-he. Why shouldn't I be? Ha-ha. This is my destiny; I’m destined to help Convergys. Convergys is engraved in my name. Ha-ha!

F.Y.: Can you tell about your current stats?

Always funny. Life is fun.

S.J.V.: Please… uhm… Let’s not talk about availability. Ha-ha. But my scorecard for the past two months is at 4.00!

F.Y.: Who do you look up to in Convergys?

S.J.V.: TL May :)

F.Y.: What do you say about people you are working with?

Where is John?
 S.J.V.: They are fun, sweet and inspiring. They make my Convergys work worth keeping :)

F.Y.: If there is just one thing you want to be gone for just one day at work, what is it?

S.J.V.: Pound 9. Ha-ha!

F.Y.: What do you think can be done to better your job? Keep your goal in mind, push for it harder every day, and pray.

Superhero Personal Info:

I graduated valedictorian during elementary in Infant Jesus Montessori, graduated in Muntinlupa Science High School, BS Psychology in UST. Fave quotes "We value words of appreciation so highly because so much of what we do seem to go unnoticed" and "As long as you do what's right, nothing could go wrong...with HIM on your side".

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