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Friday, March 25, 2011

Team May: The New Horizon. The Second Team Building

The Final Interview

Just when everyone in Team May was so excited about the team building as the shift was about to end when a new chat-room from Ms. Jo popped up on my screen as I assisted a customer on the phone. Felt like all the sleeping butterflies suddenly got disturbed and their wings were flapping like they were giving me instant LBM right there! Oh my, I was so not prepared! All I was thinking was the team building. But there it was, asking me to take the interview for QA Apprentice post right after shift. Boy, I was so heart-brokenly nervous!

So the verdict started as I got fetched by Kai, all I was praying to God was to guide me all the way. One thing was sure, I could not do it all by myself. So I couldn’t control my brain from thinking of exaggerating thoughts.

When I was being interviewed, I was more nervous than before. When I was asked to rank myself about computer work, I gave Mr. Bert a nine score to rate myself. But he asked specifically about Microsoft Excel. I did not know what to say. All I knew was I badly wanted to be part of QA team and so I could do researching more. I saw Jeremy Castro at Mr. Bert’s back giving me hint with his fingers and I couldn’t see it clearly because I did not want to take away my eyes from Mr. Bert. I thought I saw Jeremy Castro showing me ten fingers. But I didn’t think I could take ten for my score so I stuck to nine, leaving one more finger for room of improvement.

Then Mr. Bert asked me list of questions about Microsoft Excel. “Do you know this?” I hesitated a bit and said, “No.” Then another do-you-know-this question which was answered by me with another No. And there were like three more questions and answers like that. Oh my! Then the question was asked again, “How do you rate yourself in Microsoft Excel?” With humble voice I said, three.

Scream! Oh my goodness! That shattered all of me right there in front of him. Still, I let Father God to do the rest of it. Please LORD…

Team May: The New Horizon. The Second Team Building

Part One: Si Mang Fred

The setup was that Robyn, Lief, and Julius would join Saundra and John in their car. The rest hopped into Dan’s van. I took the front seat with Arjie. Laine was also with us. The travel itself was already fun. Jokes filled the van. Ellen joined forces with Chester in making fun of me, laughs!

When we got in Pansol, we were received too much of ‘hospitality’ from ‘resort barker’. We waited for Mang Fred, our guide to Villa Emma where we would celebrate our team building. I wouldn’t be able to detail out the ‘eyeball’ we had with Mang Fred, gulo niya kausap sa phone! It took us almost thirty minutes to finally find him. He said on the phone he was wearing yellow shirt and we got a bit paranoid out of too much impatience that we literally harassed all who wore yellow passing by our parked van, laughs!

After one thousand years, we found Mang Fred and he led us on his humble bike to Villa Emma. Smiles.

Part Two: The Battle Of Cooks

Everyone was busy cooking the foods. I was trying to help by preparing the other ingredients, naks! Ellen was with Chester. Dan was busy in his specialty, the tacos! Laine got too occupied with her early session with Gay with The Bar that they almost burnt the spaghetti pasta, laughs!

When everything was almost ready, TL May and Saundra went up to their room and prepared the games. Getting hungry, Laine and I began to eat. Boy, the food was great! Even though it did not look so presentable on our table, I’m telling you, it was great! In fact, you could ask Laine about the foods! Laughs! She couldn’t stop eating!

Part Three: Playing The Games

We played Charade in which my team lost! Laughs! Then we ate our lunch together. Then we played the famous Pinoy Henyo (Pinoy Genius) where we were divided into two teams. I was with Princess, Robyn, Laine, and Dan. Every turn, each team should choose a representative who would pick the word he would need to guess by asking questions to his team mates. His team mates would only be allowed to say No, Yes, and Maybe. And it was timed to two minutes.

There were so many funny moments. There was a time when it was Dan’s first turn that he was so excited to represent our team. He first picked the word Liempo (for those who don’t know, it’s like barbeque). Dan had a hard time guessing the word. Funnier part was that when it was the chance of the other team to steal, they could not even guess the word! Laughs!

When it was Dan’s second turn, he picked the word Puso (heart). And, again, he did not guess the word. And I said good job because the other team could not also guess the word.

On the last part, Dan wanted to make the guess again and that time the other team was a point ahead of us. I quickly pushed Dan back down to his seat and said, “Oh please don’t!” Laughs! That was the only chance we had to at least to tie with the other group.

We forced Robyn to take the guessing job, laughs! And in no time she was able to guess the word Canada.

For the tie breaker, everyone agreed that each group would give the word that the opposite team needed to guess. Dan suggested Internet. Gay, from the other group, almost guessed the word. Then, again, Dan took the guessing job. The word was Dandruff. I doubted he could even get close to the word at all. But guess what? He did it! He was able to guess the word! Laughs! We won!

Then we ate, sang the videoke, others drank, Chester slept upstairs, and made fun of each other.

Part Four: In The Pool

Again, I don’t swim. Still, I like skipping in the pool, laughs! Scariest part was when Gay and Laine were trying to pull down my shorts, laughs! Good thing it was tied real hard that they could not even pull it close to my knees! But that was so scary, laughs!

And there was so much fun in the pool.

Part Five: Going Home

It felt bitin when we had to leave by five. I hope there would be another team building.

Part Six: The Pictures

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