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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strength from The Inside

Late Times Three

Last week I was late three days in a row. The first time, I was late for three hours! The second time was only for five minutes, I could sigh on that one. It was so frustrating. The third one was the most unfair situation of all.

Imagine this; I woke up at 5PM, dragging my tired body out of bed so to ready for work. My wife was still at work. (You see, we don’t see each other that much, schedule conflict. She works at daytime while I work at night shift.) She was not there to help me prepare my things and I learned a routine how to prepare everything before I go to sleep. Prior that shift, I made a promise with TL May that I would not be late again. Well, it seems like promises are really made to be broken.

I was thankful that I was able to leave the house minutes before 6PM. I was feeling good when I was able to get a bus around 6:30PM. My shift by the way starts at 9PM. Yes, I travel three hours to get to work in Alabang. I am used to it and my body has learned to adapt to the schedule and to the distance.

So there, when the bus was in Alaminos there was an unbelievable traffic. The worst traffic of my life! The bus was not moving for almost two hours! I could see people from the other vehicles getting off the buses and jeepneys, walking on the street. If only Alabang was just right in the next town, I might have tried walking myself but that would not work for me.

I tried to do something else on the bus as I waited for it to move it a foot or two. I had my new notebook for my thoughts and I wrote there how I was feeling that time. I listened to Worship Songs from my cell phone. I had fallen to sleep many times and every time I would open my eyes, I was still on the same bus and the bus was still on the same street.

I was chanting ‘Mind Over Matter’ telling myself that everything would be okay. But I guess myself knew so well that I was just fooling myself. I would be late again. I texted TL May, letting her know that I would be late again.

Don’t want to send this text because it’s so frustrating. I’m still in Alaminos, but bus not moving. Super traffic. Third day. I’ll be late—again. Sorry, TL. Is it possible to get VGH first half of the shift?

Then she replied her disappointment. I felt that she did not believe me. She thought I woke up late again just like the first time. I panicked and tried to find a proof that I woke up at 5PM and that I was spending ‘quality moments’ with the bus driver and the bus steward with other passengers on the bus. I was tempted to call TL May and let her speak to either the bus driver of the steward. But I did not have enough loads to do that crazy option. Then I remembered the ticket in my bag. So I texted TL May telling her that I have an evidence. The way I composed the message, I could imagine her laughing through her swelling disappointment.

I arrived in the office at 12MN. Scream.

The Un-Official Team Building

It feels sad that the team is going to be dispersed this September. TL May is transferring to a different account. Ivan, Nikka, and I will also be transferred to that account but we do not have a date yet when this will take place. And the rest of the team will be separated joining different teams. I don’t want to be mushy on this but it somehow hurts to see the team gets disbanded. But it’s part of growth and we take it as an opportunity to know more people and to learn more things in a different environment. Besides, we can still see each other and we will remain friends, although I can’t really count on the first part of the statement.

So we had an un-official team building after shift yesterday. But not everyone was able to join. Leif, RH, Dan, and CJ went on VGH (Voluntary Go Home. Not Paid.) even before lunch and they went in Green and Grills in Festival. They greeted the dawn with towers and towers of beer and cigarettes.

Eventually, almost the rest of the team went on VGH after lunch to join them there. So we went there waiting for TL May, Gay, Lorie, and Chester. The place was dark matching the mood for drinkers and smokers. They were singing in Videoke, choosing loud songs. I contented myself on a well-lit table where I was reading the Student Bible of Nikka. In few minutes, Nikka, Ivan, Robyn, and Dan joined me there.

We had talked about the Genesis. I was impressed with Ivan’s knowledge of the Bible. It felt like I could learn more from him if I get a chance the next time.

Ellen was getting jealous of the situation and wanted us to join them in their table. I was hesitant because of the smoke but then I joined them.

When it’s morning already, the others already went home. TL May finally arrived. In RH’s car, Dan, Ellen, TL May, and I had talked about so many crazy and interesting topics. We went in Ellen’s house in Cavite. We had breakfast—tinapa, fried eggs, and fried talong.

After breakfast, Ellen served as a host to Dan and RH in the outer sala in their house, while TL May and I enjoyed our conversation inside. I learned so much from her. She is a very strong woman. We exchanged life stories and it was really inspiring. Some stories were cute.

I drank some dry wine until I got so sleepy and fell asleep. I woke up quarter to four in the afternoon. I refreshed myself and decided to leave. I would be meeting Gracia in Sto. Tomas so that we could go home together.

Seeing Psyche Again

I received a text message from Tita Sol while I was on a van to Alabang which had put an instant excitement in my heart. She was with Psyche in Star Mall. So before I went to the Bus Terminal to Batangas, I dropped by and met them in Food Court. I was so happy to see Psyche again. I hugged her and she hugged me back. I kissed her on the lips. I asked her so many questions but she only smiled back at me. It was breaking my heart that my family is not together at the toughest time of our lives. One of my major requests to God was that this whole setup would not affect Psyche negatively. Also I’m praying for everything to get back to normal real soon. All my hope is in Him who knows better than me. I know this will end real soon and we will be together again.

When I kissed Psyche my goodbye, I saw the disappointment in her eyes. She was holding back tears. I was impressed that she was trying to be strong at her very young age. In those eyes I could feel that she silently wanted me to take her home with me. But I just could not. Oh God, I just couldn’t… I forced myself to think of beautiful memories to deny the sad tears about to flow from my eyes.

Strawberry Flavor

I waited for Gracia in 711 in FPIP. I decided to buy her a drink. I could not find her favorite Mogu Mogu. I remembered that she wanted to try the Soya Drink so I got her one. While choosing the right flavor, I remembered her saying to me to choose what I do not like and for sure she would like it instead. So I chose the strawberry flavor which I didn’t like. And yes, she likes that one.

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