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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Five Days of Battle

Day One: The Beginning

On Sunday night Gracia could not sleep. She always took trips to the bathroom. I could see the seriousness of the pain she felt that time on her face, even though she was trying to show me the opposite. She was complaining about abdominal pain. She knew it was UTI. She just went on one-week medication exactly last month. But this time, it was more painful. I was trying to comfort her but I had a fever myself. So we hardly slept the whole night.

Day Two: Had Interstitial Pneumonia

Gracia and Nanay were so worried about me because I had no sipon and no ubo. It only meant that I might have infection. I could not drink any medicine without seeing a doctor except Biogesic because I also have allergy in medicine. But my fever would not go away. And it was like on and off. And once in a week I got fever. But the one I had last Sunday was the most painful.

On Monday morning, Gracia and I went to the Community Hospital and had urinalyses thinking that it could be UTI. After the long process and a series of waiting, the Urologist had already left and would come back on Wednesday. And some of the unprofessional hospital staff was adding to my irritation.

Even if I had fever, I still wanted to go to work since I promised TL Micah that October would be my month. And that’s true, my goal for October is to get 4 for my scorecard. But my fever was getting more serious this time and my joints were feeling worst and my nerves in my head and in my chest felt like strings of guitar being strummed every after minute. I also had LBM. So Gracia decided to take me to Doctors Hospital where they had checked my blood, my breathing, and I also had X-ray. In the process of it, I wanted to give up and just go to work and if they saw me crawling on my knees they might let me go home. But it would take me 3 hours to go to work and another 3 hours to get home. Not a better option.

When Dr. Dy checked my Urinalysis from Community Hospital, he said it was okay. I did not have UTI based on the result.

I am thankful that TL Micah was trying to help me. But after hearing the findings of the Dr. Dy, I rolled my eyes and could not imagine the face of TL Micah once he knew about my Interstitial Pneumonia. I could not mingle with people for the next three days while I go through medication because it is contagious. Dr. Dy insisted that I don’t report to work and I don’t travel for the next three days. I also needed to wear a mask so people around me and I could be safe.

I am thankful to TL Micah that he put me on VGH on Monday shift. When Gracia left me in the room, I heard a woman cry in our room where I was left alone. When Gracia was back, I didn’t tell a word for I did not want to entertain that kind of talk.

Day Three: Nightmares

Gracia was still feeling pain and I am still dealing with my on-and-off fever. I was also starting to feel pain when I peed. So it was not an easy day for the two of us. I felt something was not right about the whole thing and I went upstairs in our room which we hardly visit everyday. I played Gospel songs and I prayed there early at night all by myself. I could feel something was moving around me in that room but I refused to get distracted. I kept singing songs of praises. I heard the box of Gracia’s wedding gown moved like it was swaying in the air. I was feeling scared but I declared the presence of the LORD in our house. The evil spirit became still.

I went down and talked to Nanay and asked her to hold Bible Study at house. (Our house has three little homes. One for me and Gracia, another one for Ate Sheryl and Ken, and of course, the main house.) Nanay was happily and excitedly agreed to my request. So after dinner, we held a Bible Study. We discussed about Romans18:18-20. Our conversation extended to the exercise of power and authority our Lord Jesus Christ had given us.

And then we went to sleep and had a couple of nightmares.

I saw myself in a movie-like setting where two groups were fighting against each other with guns. The other group had real sturdy-looking guns while I as part of the other group had a funny-looking lizard toy gun which blew just like a normal gun would. Then my team had to jump off from a very high place down to a wide river or lake surrounded with many falls. I felt myself submerge into the dirty water like that of a pond. In my head there was a voice which was like doing the storytelling and it told me that that river had so many huge snakes. The moment the word snake was mentioned, I bumped into one. And yes, it was really a huge one like an Anaconda. But the swimming was only for few seconds. I swam out of the water and found myself in a reunion setting at a house I had never seen before which in my dream it was ours. My family was there and so did Gracia’s. Innocently I knew that I came home with a snake. In my head it was just the ordinary snake, not the Anaconda. But in that part of the dream, I was actually with a man who was only wearing a pair of pants. His whole body was covered with bleeding tattoos. His blood was burning like lava. He looked like the devil but it was not getting acknowledged by me in that dream. Then I remembered my baby sister Psyche in the other room of that house and I felt she was scared. So I took her and tried to comfort her in my arms. When we got down the man who had tattoos all over his body became a little girl whose face was like of an angel but the tattoos were still there, making her look like the devil. I was worried that the tattooed girl might get offended so I tried to comfort her. She tried to play with Psyche and the tattooed girl became a normal-looking kid. But she suddenly showed her tattoos on her head which became real devil horns and that made Psyche cry. I took Psyche away and all the elders in our families hold the young girl and casted out the devil from her. She was strong but we did not stop until the black spirit was released from her body. Then we prayed about our other family members who were sleeping for protection. Then I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I got back to the room, Gracia was awake, still in pain and I told her about my nightmare. Then I went to sleep again.

In my second dream, it was as if the continuation of the first one. Psyche was tall in that dream, her height reaching my shoulder. And she spoke fluent English. Then the setting changed so quick that we were all in a dark place. Only people were visible. It was like we were all in the outer space with no stars. We were having dinner and in the corner of my head, I was worried about Gracia’s niece named Kate who was in the upper room in that dream. After dinner I decided to confront the evil spirit with a Banana Que stick in my right hand. I went upstairs and found a huge dog standing on its four feet on a terrace. Then when I got nearer it changed to just a head of a beast I could not describe because I could not remember. Then it spoke to me. It said that there were nine who came ahead of me and all failed and I would also fail. But I told the beast that I knew what he was doing. We would cast him out and to fight back, the beast would make us remember all the bad past we had. And it’s not gonna work this time. I reminded the beast of his future and that is in hell. Then Gracia woke me up. She said I was crying and groaning in my dreams.

I prayed and went to sleep again.

Day Four: Revelations 20:9

Gracia and I went back to Community Hospital for another checkup. We had urinalyses again. Before we left home, there was blood in my pee. We finally met Dr. Valdez, the Urologist. He prescribed medicine to Gracia and when he saw mine, he worried a bit and advised to have my kidneys ultrasound. But Ultrasound Room was closed already that early in the afternoon that day. I had to come back by myself the next day.

When we got home, I shared with Nanay about my dreams. Then Gracia also shared her own experiences about the woman she heard laughing in the middle of the night and the person who lay next to her on her bed when she was alone which I also had experienced myself. The talk about the spirit of a little girl who was a shape-shifter in the area was also mentioned. That same girl could be the one in my dream. We prayed about it and read the Bible. She read to me Revelations 20:9-10. Verse 9 had made a powerful revelation to me. So I went upstairs and prayed there again and the comfort of the LORD filled me there. I thanked God for His protection and guidance in our families. I prayed for my families and friends and the churches. The night came and we had a peaceful sleep.

Day Five: The Results

I had to go to the hospital all by myself for Gracia had to report to work. She had been absent for three days, too. I went early in the hospital and was listening to The Anthem by Planetshakers. I was there as early as 7 a.m. but ultrasound for my kidneys would be around 10 a.m. I was thankful that I was the first one because I had to hold my pee until after the session and that hurt. When I had the result inside a white envelop which I had to bring to the urologist, Dr. Valdez was not there and I was asked by the nurse to come back at 2:30p.m.

I came back and praise God, it’s nothing serious. Just little medication and I’m good.

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