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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Smelling the Christmas Breeze

Found this note I wrote last month. I decided sharing it here:

While writing this, I am listening to Hillsong’s O Holy Night. Wow, it’s Christmas now in the Philippines! Filipino Christians love Christmas that we begin feeling Christmas as early as September 1st and it even affects the other Filipinos.

Before I forget, I am so glad that Papa and Mama were in 11AM service at our church yesterday. Only Alex, who was in camping, Psyche, and Chris were not there with us. We were on the third installation of the series ALL IN and we listened to more beautiful gifts from God through the grace of Adoption. It was also the Communion Sunday, remembering what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us in the cross.

God is so great that even Pastor Ernie had a hard time preparing the series. You know what, the illustration of adoption to become the children of God is truly awesome that I don’t know if I could share the whole idea here. I might resort to Podcast, we’ll see.

Last week was the first week we joined the Micah’s team. I still did not know who my other team mates are. We’ll find out tonight. I miss Team May, I miss TL May. Well, TL Micah looks as nice as TL May. I heard so many good things about him. We’ll see.

I am excited for next month. I am not really sure why. I think it’s because I have so many PTOs filed for the month of October. And next month is my birth month! Well, it feels that there is something so huge and so beautiful going to happen in October this year! I don’t have a clue at all but it feels that way. I am praying that there will be something to happen which is great for all of us next month.

Now I am busy writing In (The Dreamwalker’s) Soul Mates. The story is getting clearer now, laughs! Hope this one gives way to the realization of an old dream. Let’s pray for that. This is it for now. Just wanted to write about current details in my life so I won’t forget in the future.

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